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Level Up Your Floor: Get 15% off on Beige Persian Rugs

Level Up Your Floor: Get 15% off on Beige Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs have long captivated the world with their intricate motifs, color combinations, and exceptional craftsmanship. We can simply term these floor coverings as artistic masterpieces. In the current times, alternatives to traditional Persian rugs are also available in the market. One of the most convenient substitutes for traditional Persian carpets is machine washable rugs. 

Washable rugs have taken over the world in the recent few years due to their easy maintenance feature. Whether you spilled some tea or juice, you can simply toss this rug into a washing machine and have it cleaned in no time. The same convenience is offered by the Vernal Collection of Machine Washable Rugs. We not only offer machine washable floor coverings but also offer aesthetically pleasing Persian rugs. 

We offer Persia-inspired rugs in a range of different colors, however, one of the most popular of them remains Beige Rugs. 

Combining the subtleness and elegance of beige rugs with the intricacy and craftsmanship of Persian Rugs, our collection of Beige Persian Rugs is simply magnificent. This collection boasts rugs in various sizes to suit every room size. From large living rooms to high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, or entryways, our vernal rugs will add beauty to your spaces. 

To celebrate the beauty of Beige Persian Rugs, we are currently offering a flat 15% off on selected products of this machine washable rug collection. Don’t believe us? Check out our website and find the most suitable Beige Persian rug for your home. Some of the products available in this weekly deal include: 

Available for pre-order, this rug is simply magnificent. Featuring intricate designs in beige, stone blue, and green, this rug is made to complement a variety of decor settings. Whether you have a contemporary setting with white walls and a gray sofa, the Vernal Sasae Washable Rug will surely become the focal point of the room. Apart from being machine washable, this rug features an anti-slip backing to provide extra safety against slips and falls. Even if your child loves to run along the home, don’t worry, as this rug won’t slide over. 

Sizes Available: 2’6”X8’, 3’X5’, 4’X6’, 5’X7’ and 5’7”X8’7” 

Another beige Persian rug beauty from our vernal collection is the Vernal Saasil Stone Blue, Beige, and Rust Machine Washable Rug. Available to pre-order, this rug exudes elegance and timelessness. Its beautiful color combination and intricate designs make the rug even more gorgeous. An added benefit: It is kid and pet-friendly. Whether your kid loves to roll over the rug or your pet loves spending time on it, its fibers will stay strong and provide a comfortable place to enjoy on. 

Sizes Available: 2’6”X8’, 3’X5’, 4’X6’, 5’X7’ and 5’7”X8’7” 

Featuring floral motifs in black, brown, and beige, this washable rug is one of the bestsellers of the Vernal Collection. Whether you have wooden flooring or marble tiles, the color and design of this rug will elevate the beauty of your room. This machine washable rug is kid and pet-friendly, plus features anti-slip backing for extra safety. Furthermore, you can pair this rug with a light brown sofa to create a mesmerizing place.  

Sizes Available: 2’6”X8’, 4’X6’, 5’X7’, 5’7”X9’ and 7’8”X10’ 


Don’t miss out on this amazing deal. Buy from our online store and get flat 15% off on these washable beige Persian rugs. Welcome elegance and comfort to your home with the affordable Vernal Collection. Shop online from our USA website and get your rug delivered to your doorstep without paying a hefty shipping cost. Order online! 

You can also check out our range of Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs! Suitable for outdoor spaces like gardens, decks, or patios, these rugs are made for eco-conscious customers. Shop online! Plus, subscribe to our newsletter and get notified of amazing deals on rugs! 

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