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Affordable Machine Washable Rugs Where Style and Easy Maintenance Unite

Affordable Machine Washable Rugs Where Style and Easy Maintenance Unite

There is nothing that can put a damper on your day like a stained rug. Rugs have always been cherished pieces of decoration. And you would want to ruin it over a spilled juice or pet accident. However, gone are the days of fretting over spills and stains that might mar the beauty of your decor. The modern homeowner seeks convenience without compromising on style, and machine washable rugs have risen to the challenge. 

Among the prominent players in this revolution are the Vernal Washable Rugs. We offer a remarkable blend of functionality and elegance.  

Let us explore 5 affordable options that redefine the way you perceive rugs while making maintenance a breeze. 

Vernal Washable Rugs: Elegance in Every Fiber 

We have designed the Vernal Collection keeping your lifestyle in mind. Combining modern aesthetics with practicality, our rugs boast features that set them apart.  

Our rugs are not only machine washable but are also equipped with attached anti-slip backing. Forget about aligning the rug pad and rug topper as with our rugs you simply have to lay it on your floor. This is because our rugs have one-piece construction.  

Moreover, no more concerns about curled corners or unexpected slips as we cater to both safety and style. Furthermore, our rugs are kid and pet-friendly, making them a wise choice for households that thrive with the little ones and four-legged friends.  

Your Perfect Match Awaits: 5 Affordable and Stylish Washable Rugs 

A symphony of neutral tones with a pop of sunshine yellow, this rug effortlessly complements various decor themes while offering the ease of machine washability. 

Price Starting From: $89 

Sizes Available: 4’X6’, 5’X7’, and 5’7”X9’ 

With a captivating blend of cool and warm tones, this rug adds a dynamic touch to any space. The added benefit of machine washability makes it a win-win choice. 

Price Starting From: $89 

Sizes Available: 4’X6’, 5’X7’, and 5’7”X9’ 

Dive into a world of vibrant hues with this rug that combines teal, cream, and orange. The ability to wash away spills ensures its colors remain vivid for years to come. 

Price Starting From: $79 

Sizes Available: 2’6”X8’, 4’X6’, 5’X7’, 5’7”X9’, and 7’8”X10’ 

The fusion of earthy tones and contemporary design makes this rug a versatile addition to any room. The convenience of machine washability enhances its charm. 

Price Starting From: $89 

Sizes Available: 4’X6’ and 5’X7’ 

This rug's unique combination of orange, blue, and cream adds a touch of playfulness to your space. Beyond its washability, it's also non-shedding and non-slip, a triple threat of convenience. 

Price Starting From: $89 

Sizes Available: 4’X6’ and 5’X7’ 


The era of choosing between style and practicality has been eclipsed by the Vernal Washable Rugs. As you explore the realm of affordable machine washable rugs, you'll realize that elegance can indeed coexist with easy maintenance. The Vernal Collection invites you to explore a new dimension of interior decor, where spills are no longer a cause for concern and rugs effortlessly enhance your lifestyle. 

Visit Green Decore to dive into the exquisite Vernal Collection of machine washable rugs and find your ideal match. And don't forget to extend your style to the outdoors with our Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs – a testament to sustainability and aesthetics harmonizing in harmony. 

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