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Adding an outdoor rug is a stylish way to create a comfortable and attractive seating space in your garden or yard, on your deck, on the porch or any other outdoor space where you like to hang out with friends and family.  Outdoor rugs are now available in such a wide array of colors, designs and textures, so it’s easy to choose an outdoor rug that will suit your space.  

What is an Outdoor Rug Made from?

Outdoor rugs are usually made from high quality synthetic materials, such as polypropylene which is water-resistant and durable.  Some are made from polypropylene that has been extruded as straws that are then woven in much the same way as rag rugs.  Some are made from polypropylene that has been transformed into fibers that are then spun into a type of yarn.  Both types of rugs are easy to clean and will resist molds and mildews, making them ideal for outdoor use.  

These types of rugs are also durable, yet comfortable underfoot.  Because they’re UV resistant, the colors won’t fade in the sunshine and when the rugs get wet (either in the rain or when hosed down), they dry in minutes and are soon ready for use.

What to Look for When Choosing an Outdoor Rug

Appearance – Choose a rug with a pattern that you like and in colors that will complement your outdoor furniture.  If you’re looking for something fun and funky, select a rug in bright colors that will add the Wow Factor to your outdoor space.  If you’d prefer something a little more sophisticated, then choose a rug in muted, darker colors with a classical design (stripes, perhaps) that will blend well in your seating area, such as, Navy white rug, Nirvana black rug, Multipastel rug, and Venice rug.  Most outdoor rugs are reversible, meaning that you actually get two different looks for the price of one!

Shapes – Whilst a conventional rectangular rug will add a subtle touch of elegance, rugs come in a range of shapes and sizes.  Why not experiment and choose something a little more whacky?  Choose two rugs in different sizes or colors, to add extra interest to your outdoor décor and create a fun outdoor space.

Material – Durability is the most important factor when choosing an outdoor rug.  Make sure you select a rug that will withstand the rigors of the weather in all seasons as it will last longer.  Whilst rugs made from natural fibers (such as jute or bamboo) may look fabulous at first, you’ll have to remember to bring them indoors when it rains or they won’t last very long.  Opting for a rug made from synthetic fibers (such as polypropylene) means that you can leave the rug outdoors whatever the weather. 

Versatility – An outdoor rug doesn’t have to be kept in the same place; you can move it around to suit wherever you choose to sit.  They’re not just for use in the home or garden, you can also take them along when you go camping, on day trips to the beach or the park.  They are a great addition to your outdoor equipment, providing something dry and comfortable to sit on when you’re off on your adventures.  

Outdoor rugs are suitable for use in so many places and on so many occasions.  They can be used on hardwood flooring, on tiled surfaces, on carpets or on the grass.  An outdoor rug that complements your outdoor furniture will transform your outdoor spaces and add to your enjoyment of your home.