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How To Care For Washable Indoor Rugs?

How To Care For Washable Indoor Rugs?

In addition to your floors, your rugs also see a lot of use in your house. Consider entryways, where rugs are likely to accumulate some dirt daily, spill-prone areas like the kitchen or dining room, play areas for children, and germ-filled areas like the bathroom. Fortunately, these washable indoor rugs by Green Decore can be washed easily. 

Before Washing- Check the rug's care label to see if it can be washed. Premium fibres like polyester can more easily withstand the abrasiveness of washing machines. So, if you are looking for machine washable rugs then Green Decore has the best rugs available.  

Tip: Shake your rug outside before putting it in the washer to remove any potential clog-causing loose dirt or debris. 

Post Washing- Although they can be machine washed, rugs should almost never be dried. The longevity of the rug and the rubber backing is increased by air drying. To avoid fading the freshly washed colours, hang your mats outside to dry but try to keep them out of direct sunshine. 

Regular upkeep is beneficial, but frequent deep cleaning might reduce the quality of your rug. So, try to only clean your washable indoor rugs when absolutely required, such as when they start to look obviously worn or smell bad. 

To Conclude! 

So, if you are looking for Washable Indoor Rugs that are easy to take care of then Green Decore is the right place for you. They have an amazing collection of rugs and home décor products which you can look for. Visit the Green Decore website and shop now to avail the offers.  

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