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Fresh Floors Forever with a Washable Rug

Fresh Floors Forever with a Washable Rug

Here at Green Decore USA, we’re all really excited about our new range of Washable Indoor Rugs, the Vernal Collection. They’re all available to order online from our website, along with some other exciting home décor accessories, including a stylish collection of outdoor rugs, the Vivid Collection of Planter Duos and a range of luxury Scented Soy Candles. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Vernal Washable Indoor Rugs.

We’re committed to offering our online customers across the USA the very best in eco-conscious and/or sustainable home accessories that cause minimal damage to the environment. Our Vernal Washable Rugs, like all of our other delightful décor accents, are an eco-friendly option as they’re made from premium recycled polyester,

These easy-clean rugs can even be washed in a washing machine (you can’t get much more practical that that!), but we do recommend that they are hung to dry without direct heat – preferably outdoors. This will keep the rug looking good on a long-term basis, whereas a more traditional rug would need an expensive cleaning service to keep them looking great. In between washes, these rugs can be vacuumed on a regular basis and they’ve been designed with a flat-weave construction technique to ensure that they don’t shed fibres during use.

Our Vernal Collection of Washable Rugs all feature an anti-slip backing to help keep them in place on the floor, so helping to avoid slips and trips. They make for ideal floor décor in so many rooms in the home. In the bedroom, they offer a soft and comfortable underfoot experience, providing a touch of warmth even during colder weather. In living rooms, these rugs are a great addition on top of carpet, wood, laminate or tiles, providing an extra level of comfort.

If you’re on the lookout for a rug for the nursery, the kids’ rooms or playroom, choosing from the Vernal Collection of Washable Rugs is a great idea. These are rooms where mess is more likely to happen, so opting for a washable rug is the way forward.

These rugs are even suitable for kitchen or bathroom use, rooms that are generally likely to be damp or where spills occur. The fact that these rugs are washable means that you can easily get them clean again and they will last so much longer than a non-washable mat.

We aim to ensure that our customers have plenty of choice, so our rugs are available in both modern and traditional designs, with a range of color combinations to blend seamlessly with any type of room décor. The modern designs feature geometric patterns that complement all types of contemporary furnishings. The classic styles look much like a traditional oriental rug that should match well with traditional furniture designs.

Whichever of these stylish rugs you choose, you’ll be delighted to find that it’s practical, hard-wearing, yet stylish and comfortable. Customers can view the Vernal Collection of Washable Indoor Rugs on our US website. Once you’ve chosen, it couldn’t be easier – just order online at the touch of a button, then sit back and wait for rapid delivery of your fabulous new floor decor.

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