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10 Best Candles To Give As A Gift This 2022!

10 Best Candles To Give As A Gift This 2022!

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with candles, and if you don't, and you're reading this, it's probably you. Having a beautiful candle burning in your house is a true luxury. We promise you won't go wrong with any of these options, whether you're seeking candle inspiration for yourself or a meaningful present for a loved one.  

Here we present 10 best scented candles to gift to your loved ones! 

  1. Vernal Shangrila Scented Candle ( White flower & Green Tea ) 

This delightful Fresh Citrus, White Flower, and Green Tea candle is exhilarating but comforting, just what you need to get into the mood. Soak up the fresh aroma that will enhance your senses, emotions, and well-being to refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate yourself. 

  1. Vernal Garden Of Delight Scented Candle ( Rose & Violet ) 

This natural and luxurious dreamy aroma of freshly cut Roses coupled with the sweet scent of old-fashioned Violets, pepped up with a heady touch of Lotus Flower and White Musk is like a wonderful perfume that is reminiscent of childhood summers, bringing back beloved memories of days gone by. 

  1. Vernal Ginger Snap Scented Candle ( White Tea & Ginger ) 

It's exciting embrace of White Tea and Spicy Ginger with a refreshing fragrance of Cool Peppermint will brighten up your area. This candle's relaxing smell will drift around your house, allowing you to relax and cleanse as you bathe in a sea of tranquillity. 

  1. Vernal Oriental Zephyr Scented Candle ( Jasmine & Sandal Wood ) 

To convey the unique flavor of Eastern magic to your house, the rich floral aroma of summer Jasmine and Tuberose is balanced with woody undertones of beautiful sandalwood. Relax and let yourself be carried away by oriental grandeur on a magical carpet trip to your fantasies. 

  1. Vernal Blissful woods Scented Candle ( Blackberry & Cedar ) 

This candle has overtones of warm cedar wood and amber, the fantasy aroma historically known as "tears of the sun," as well as the delightful fall scents of blackberry and cranberry. This aroma is ideal for snuggling up in front of the fire and creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. 

  1. Vernal Let’s Adult Scented Candle ( Rose & Warm Wood ) 

Fragrant Tea Rose and Peony Petals combine with the aromas of Warm Wood and Sweet Amber to create an enchanting scent that will get you in the mood for living and loving. This is the candle for you if you want to spice up your love life. Be cautious: putting a flame on this candle will almost certainly bring smoldering desire into your life. 

  1. Vernal Tropical Sunrise Scented Candle ( Peach & Sweet Nectar ) 

This candle is brimming with Tropical Fruits and Lovely Nectar, delivering the sweet smell of summer to your house regardless of the season. This candle is exotic, delicious, and fantastic, and it will remind you of fun-filled hot summer vacations in warmer locations. 

  1. Vernal Ethos Scented Candle ( Bergamot & White Oud ) 

Bergamot's stimulating citrus tang, combined with White Oud and a dash of Amber, will transport you to a paradise of earthly delights. It begins with a smoky aroma of rivered wood, rich in nuances ranging from sweet to earthy, that seduces and has long been thought to calm the mind. 

  1. Vernal Citrus Spring Scented Candle ( Fresh Linen & Jasmine ) 

In this flowery candle, the fresh springtime smells of Citrus Blossom and White Flower are nicely matched by a whiff of Jasmine and a light touch of White Musk. This luxurious candle is a modern classic that will fill your home with a dreamy yet refreshing bouquet. 

  1. Vernal Mediterranean Magic Scented Candle ( Citrus Blossom & Nectarine ) 

Fresh Citrus, Grapefruit, and Nectarine fragrances are discreetly mixed with the tones associated with citrus blossoms blooming in the bright sunshine to add a Mediterranean flavor to your house. Close your eyes and you'll be transported to Greece's orange and lemon trees on a beautiful summer night. 

To Conclude! 

If you are thinking on gifting candles to your loved ones but are skeptical, then this blog is for you. Here we have enlisted the best scented candles that you can freely gift to anyone. If you like any of these candles, then browse through the candle section and shop the one you like the best. Shop online today to get the best deals and offers.  

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