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Fabulous Floor Décor for the 21st Century Home

Fabulous Floor Décor for the 21st Century Home

If you’re looking for ways to make cleaning your home easier and cheaper, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Green Decore, we’ve introduced our Vernal Collection of Washable Indoor Rugs to order online, which makes keeping your floors clean easier than ever before. 

The Vernal Collection comprises 18 easy clean indoor rugs in a choice of designs and colors, so there’s something that will suit every room in your home.  All of these washable indoor rugs are available in five different size options, so making sure the rug fits into the space available where you intend to use it couldn’t be easier.   

Some of these rugs feature classic designs brought to life with modern dyes that increase their impact, ensuring that those who favor traditional home décor themes are able to take advantage of the latest materials when planning their décor.  Others in the collection display a modern design in a range of beautiful colors, making them an ideal choice for a more avant-garde, 21st Century décor theme.   Today, we’re going to take a closer look at two of the leading edge designs in this practical range of washable rugs.  

The Fleta Washable Indoor Rug sports a multi-color design based on rectangular bands of subtle colors that merge together to produce a fantastic effect on the floor.  Like all of the rugs in the Vernal Collection, this rug has been flat-woven with no pile to ensure that it doesn’t shed, with the printed design.  Each of these rugs is created using premium recycled polyester fibres, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for floor décor. 

The Vernal Dunstan Washable Rug is available in two different basic colors– Grey or Beige.  This ensures that the Dunstan design will blend seamlessly with so many different décor choices, whatever the color theme used in the main décor for the room in which it’s intended to be used.  Like every other washable indoor rug in the Vernal Collection, these rugs all boast a non-slip backing to ensure the safety of every family member in your home.  No need to worry any more about slips and trips being caused by the rug on the floor.   

Because these are washable indoor rugs, these rugs are an obvious choice in busy households, especially those with kids and/or pets.  They can be easily machine-washed, then hung out to dry in the fresh air (we advise that these rugs should not be machine dried).  Because the rugs are created using a flat-weave technique, they have no raised pile and tend not to trap dirt and crumbs.  This makes it easy to vacuum or sweep the rug on a regular basis. 

The complete collection of Vernal Washable Indoor Rugs can be viewed on our website where they are available to order online at the touch of a button, then it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for your rug to be delivered to your home.  Green Decore is committed to ensuring that vamping up your floor décor really couldn’t be easier.  

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