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Transform your Outdoor Space with Green Decore!

Transform your Outdoor Space with Green Decore!

Rugs are almost always a blend of textures and colours. As this combination is becoming overwhelming and exciting over time. It doesn’t matter, if you are in the middle of a sweltering summer or in a frigid winter, the textures rugs suit well in every weather, occasion, time-lapse or ambience.  

Why do you need Outdoor Rugs? 

An excellent outdoor rug ties you indoor and outdoor ambience beautifully. It enhances the surrounding of garden area and increases functionality. It is one of the elements that makes your house more inviting and practical. On top of it, an outdoor rug helps in maintaining dirt and other pollutant and residues.  

What to do before buying an outdoor rug? 

yes, you can’t wait to bring home the extreme beautiful outdoor rug to finish off your garden space. But before buying, consider the space where you want to place this rug. It will be unfortunate if you end up buying smaller or larger rugs that cannot get placed in your desired space.  

Add a splash of colours! 

Adding tints of colours in your outdoor space that can hit the alluring spot is all one want. One way to incorporate colours in your outdoor space is playing with its elements that can go in accordance with the ambience. The colourful rugs that are complementary to the space is a good to go with options.  

Green Decore holds Prime Outdoor Recycled plastic rug which is a mix of dark blue and taupe colours that goes pretty well with the outdoor space. It is complementary in nature against the garden colours on a colour wheel. The rugs are made from recycled plastic straws, water-resistant, light-weight which is easy to carry. Being pet friendly and enough for high traffic areas.  

Cosmopolitan Outdoor recycled plastic rug in Red/White shade is pretty well in Patio, Deck, Porch, Laundry room, Kitchen as well as Beach areas. Green Decore makes its rugs effective when it comes under direct sunlight as they are protected form UV rays. These rugs are durable for a long period of time. These rugs can be used upside down as they are reversible in nature and goes with any surroundings.  

Arcade outdoor recycled plastic rug in Black/Taupe shade gives a monarchic look to a space. Comfortable to relax on, these rugs are tough enough for high traffic areas of the home. There are so many uses for a Green Decore rug. Also, the rugs come in different ranges and sizes to suits all tastes and preferences.  

The Takeaway! 
there is no time like now to give your outdoor space a makeover. Remember, your outdoor space/Garden can look sanctuary or a comfort heaven, depending on your style. Adding a big part of that choice by including a stylish rug can bring a huge difference. Take the first step to renovate your outdoor space by shopping spectacular outdoor rug from 

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