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Refurbish Your Outdoor Oasis with Our Top Outdoor Rugs

Refurbish Your Outdoor Oasis with Our Top Outdoor Rugs

Whenever we need time from the daily hustle and bustle of life, we like spending time in our outdoor spaces. The gentle breeze and beautiful sunset help us forget every worry we ever had. Imagine in this beautiful setting, stepping onto a soft, luxurious surface that complements the natural beauty around you.  

Outdoor Rugs have emerged as a game-changer in the realm of outdoor decor, seamlessly blending style and formality. At Green Decore, we take immense pride in presenting a carefully curated collection of recycled plastic outdoor rugs that promises to transform your garden, patio, or balcony into a mesmerizing oasis.  

Benefits of Outdoor Rugs: Where Comfort and Aesthetics Unite 

Outdoor rugs are more than just embellishments. They embody the essence of comfort and style, offering an array of benefits that make a must-have for any outdoor space:  

  • Defining Spaces: A garden rug effortlessly divides your outdoor area into distinct zones, creating dedicated spaces for lounging, dining, or simply unwinding. It adds structure and purpose to your open-air haven. 
  • Underfoot Luxury: Bid farewell to hard, cold surfaces. Our patio rugs provide a welcoming, cushioned layer underfoot, turning your outdoor space into an extension of your indoor comfort. 
  • Style Amplification: Just like their indoor counterparts, outdoor rugs introduce patterns, textures, and colors that elevate your outdoor aesthetics. They serve as artistic focal points, enhancing the overall visual appeal. 
  • Easy Care: Designed to endure the elements, our garden patio rugs are resilient against moisture, fading, and stains. Cleaning is a breeze, allowing you to relish in your outdoor haven without worry. 

Must-Have Outdoor Rugs: Elevate your Outdoor Aesthetic 

This timeless black and white rug effortlessly integrates with various outdoor settings. This classic geometric rug exudes sophistication and charm.  

Price: Starting from $116 

Sizes Available: 6’X9’, 8’X10’, and 9’X12’ 

The perfect harmony of the black and beige rug, this floor covering adds a touch of elegance and warmth to your outdoor seating or dining area.  

Price: Starting from $57 

Sizes Available: 4’X6’, 6’X9’, and 8’X10’ 

Invite serenity with shades of white and dark blue rug. Its Moroccan design will create a tranquil oasis that calms the senses and sparks joy. 

Price: Starting from $54 

Sizes Available: 4’X6’ and 6’X9’ 

  • Relic Black White Outdoor Rug 

A bold and captivating choice, this rug combines classic black and white hues with a mesmerizing pattern that speaks volumes.  

Price: Starting from $54 

Sizes Available: 4’X6’, 5’X8’, 6’X9’, and 8’X10’ 

  • Nirvana Navy White Outdoor Rug  

Embrace the calming allure of navy blue and white, an embodiment of relaxation and style that elevates your outdoor space.  

Price: Starting from $89 

Sizes Available: 5’X8’, 6’X9’, and 9’X12’ 


At Green Decore, we take pride in offering a diverse range of outdoor rugs that harmonize comfort, durability, and elegance. With sizes catering to various outdoor spaces, our collection allows you to curate your outdoor oasis with finesse. Some of the rug sizes that we offer include 2.3' X 6', 3' X 5', 4' X 6', 5' X 8', 6' X 9', 8' X 10', and 9' X 12'.  

Explore our exquisite outdoor rug selection, vernal washable rugs, and vernal washable runners, and let our rugs breathe new life into your living haven. Browse through our collection today! 

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