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Get the Best Value for Washable Persian Rugs: Flat 10% off!

Get the Best Value for Washable Persian Rugs: Flat 10% off!

Persian Rugs are renowned worldwide for their unparalleled artistry and cultural significance. Handwoven with precision and dedication, these rugs showcase traditional designs passed down through generations, reflecting the rich heritage of the ancient Persian civilization. Each rug tells a unique story, with intricate patterns and vibrant colors capturing the essence of Persian art and history.  

Combining Elegance with Convenience 

We understand that maintaining the beauty of your rugs is essential. That’s why we offer a Vernal Selection of washable Persian Rugs that fuse elegance with convenience. These machine washable rugs allow for easy maintenance without compromising the rug’s integrity.  

Say goodbye to worries about spills or stains and embrace the charm of Persian style rugs with practicality.  

An Irresistible Weekly Sale! 

For a limited time, we’re offering an incredible 10% discount on all Persian rugs in our collection. Don’t miss the chance to transform your home with these timeless masterpieces while taking advantage of our Weekly Special! Enhance the ambiance of your living room, dining area, or bedroom with the enchanting allure of Persian Carpets. Each rug is meticulously crafted to add an element of sophistication and luxury to your space.  

Explore Our Exquisite Collection 

Check out the following Persian rugs for sale and immerse yourself in a world of artistic splendor.  

  • Vernal Senglea Persian Machine Washable Rug- Blue/Grey 

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing allure of the Vernal Senglea Persian Rug. Boasting an exquisite blend of blue and grey hues, this rug exudes an air of sophistication and tranquility. The traditional Persian design is expertly designed with advanced rug-making technology, ensuring its enduring elegance. 

Sizes Available: 2’6” X 8’, 4’X6’, 5’X7’, 6’X9’ and 8’X10’ 

  • Vernal Sierra Persian Machine Washable Rug- Beige/Brown/Grey 

Grace your home with the warm and inviting tones of the Vernal Sierra Persian Rug. The harmonious blend of beige, brown, and grey creates an inviting atmosphere, enhancing the aesthetics of any room. This rug is an embodiment of elegance and versatility.  

Sizes Available: 2’6” X 8’, 4’X6’, 5’X7’, 6’X9’ and 8’X10’ 

  • Vernal Milagros Persian Machine Washable Rug- Grey/White 

Indulge in the sophisticated allure of the Vernal Milagros Persian Rug. Featuring an exquisite combination of grey and white, this rug exudes an air of refined elegance and complements a wide range of interior styles.  

Sizes Available: 2’6” X 8’, 4’X6’, 5’X7’, 6’X9’ and 8’X10’ 

Why Choose Rug from Vernal Collection? 

The Vernal Collection offers machine washable rugs made with the finest quality. Here’s why you should buy a rug from Vernal Selection: 

  • Machine Washable Convenience: Gone are the days of fretting over spills and stains on your precious rugs. We offer rugs that are crafted using state-of-the-art materials and techniques, making them fully machine washable. Experience the ease of cleaning and maintaining your rugs without compromising their beauty.  
  • Anti-Slip Backing: Safety is a priority when it comes to home decor, especially if you have kids or elderly family members. Our rugs are equipped with an anti-slip backing that provides an added layer of stability. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your rug will stay securely in place, reducing the risk of slips and falls.  
  • Variety of Colors and Designs: Embrace the freedom of choice with our extensive range of colors and designs. Whether you prefer timeless classics like Persian Rugs or contemporary chic like Modern Rugs, there’s a washable indoor rug to suit every taste and complement any interior decor.  
  • Kids and Pet Friendly: Life is full of delightful messes, especially with kids and pets around. With our Vernal Selection, you can welcome playful moments without worry. These rugs are designed to withstand the rigors of daily life, making them kid and pet friendly.  

Shop now and Elevate Your Home’s Ambiance 

Take advantage of our Weekly Special and seize the opportunity to own an enchanting Persian rug at a remarkable discount. Create an exquisite and welcoming atmosphere that reflects your taste and appreciation for artistry. 

Don't wait! The clock is ticking on this fantastic offer. Visit our website and explore the captivating world of Persian rugs now. Let your home embrace elegance with these timeless treasures! 

Moreover, if you are looking for a rug to spruce up your outdoor space, then check out our Outdoor Rug Collection. We offer recycled plastic outdoor rugs in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. Visit our website and browse through the collection today!

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