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Candles – A Delight To The Senses!

Candles – A Delight To The Senses!


It is proven that scented candles can help in improving the health, working capacity and overall mood of any individual. They can boost a person’s confidence which enhances his thinking capacity and helps in creating a peaceful persona all around.  

In short, certain aromas are attractive to you because you have some memories attached to it. But, at the same time, some scents trigger different people with the same hormone over and over again, which makes them widely popular in calming home scents. These aromas, like Vernal Ginger, Garden of delight, oriental zephyr and many others are useful in maintaining the physiological health too.  

Many of us have been burning more candles than we did before. It arouses the curiosity among people to explore with different aroma’s. Candles are a tradition in many cultures, a mainstay in most of the homes and even a luxury to treat yourself. With a great variety in scents and aroma, Green Decore offers its customers a vast range in its options. 

Vernal Tropical Sunrise Scented Candle in Peach & Sweet Nectar 

This jar candle was crafted to bring light into your space with its beautiful packaging and Peach and Sweet nectar aroma.  

Vernal Blissful woods Scented Candle in Blackberry & Cedar 

Welcoming a vernal wood scented candle with the aroma of blackberry and cedar infused into it creates a romantic and soothing essence all over. The fantasy scent traditionally known a the “Tear of the sun” which features undertones of warm cedar wood and amber. The candle is infused with natural soy blended wax with natural fragrance and organic cotton wick. 

Vernal Ginger Snap Scented Candle in White tea & Ginger 

White tea and spice ginger flavours added to a candle is unique combination that can hit the calming spot through your home, with the refreshing hint of Cool Peppermint it helps in detoxifying the entire space.  


With over 40+ burning hour of a single candle, Green Decore offers many other varieties in scented wax candles, which are organic and toxic free with chemicals and does not harm the atmosphere with its aroma. The candles are specially hand poured with love and extra care keeping in mind the feeling of a single customer over have on its loved candle.  

Explore other options of scented candles by scrolling through the official website of Green Decore and Add to Cart your favourite one. Go Shopping! 

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