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Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rug Size?

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rug Size?

Outdoor rugs have the power to transform your outdoor spaces into inviting retreats, adding both style and functionality to your patio, porch, garden, or balcony. As you embark on the journey of selecting an outdoor area rug, one essential factor to consider is the size.  

The right outdoor rug size can tie together your furniture arrangement, define distinct areas and create a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor aesthetic.  

In this comprehensive buyer's guide, we will explore the importance of outdoor rugs, discuss outdoor rug sizes for various layouts and highlight different colors to elevate your outdoor space. Plus, tell you about our stunning Plastic Outdoor Rugs Collection.  

Importance of Outdoor Rugs 

Outdoor rugs serve as a foundation for your outdoor seating and dining areas, bringing comfort and warmth to your outdoor oasis. They provide a barrier between your feet and the ground, making your outdoor space more enjoyable and inviting.  

Additionally, outdoor carpets define specific areas, creating visual boundaries and adding a sense of structure to your outdoor layout. Whether you have a spacious patio, a cozy porch, a lush garden, or a petite balcony, the right rug size plays a crucial role in maximizing the potential of your outdoor space. 

Outdoor Rug Sizes Based on Different Layouts 

  • Rugs for Porch 

For a welcoming porch, choose a porch rug size that complements the dimensions of your seating arrangement. A 4’x6’ or 5’x8’ rug is typically ideal for smaller porches, while larger porches can accommodate large outdoor rugs ranging from 6’x9’ to 8’x10’.  

Ensure that your porch carpet is large enough to fit all the front legs of your furniture comfortably, anchoring the space and creating a cohesive look. 

  • Rugs for Garden 

Garden areas often benefit from larger garden rugs that can accommodate multiple seating areas or a dining set. Consider outdoor rugs in sizes such as 8’x10’ and  9’x12’, depending on the size of your garden. Aim to leave enough space around the edges of the rug to showcase your beautiful greenery while still defining the seating or dining area. 

  • Rugs for Patio 

Patios come in various shapes and sizes, so it's crucial to choose a patio rug size that suits your outdoor dimensions. Larger patios can accommodate rugs ranging from 5’X7’ to 8’X10’.  

  • Rugs for Balcony 

Maximize your cozy balcony space with a well-fitted outdoor carpet. Smaller balconies can benefit from a 3’x5’ or 4’x6’ rug, while larger balconies can accommodate rugs ranging from 5’x8’ to 6’x9’. Ensure the rug complements the scale of your furniture and leaves enough space for easy movement and access to your balcony. 

Different Colors of Outdoor Rugs 

Exude elegance and sophistication to your outdoor spaces with black rugs. These rugs provide a neutral foundation to your furniture and let the decor shine. Black outdoor rugs create a sleek and contemporary look, effortlessly blending with various outdoor aesthetics.  

If you want to inject energy and warmth into your outdoor areas, consider adding a red outdoor rug. These rugs are perfect for creating a bold focal point. Complement the lush greenery or earthy-toned surrounding with red rugs.  

Blue outdoor rugs evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility, reminiscent of the ocean or a clear summer sky. They work beautifully in coastal or nautical-themed outdoor spaces, adding a refreshing touch. 


Choosing the right outdoor rug size is a vital step in creating a well-designed and harmonious outdoor space. Remember to consider the layout of your outdoor area and select a rug size that complements your furniture arrangement. At Green Decore, we offer a stunning collection of outdoor rugs that are not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious. Our rugs are crafted from recycled plastic materials, combining style, durability, and sustainability.  

We offer rugs in a selection of colors, patterns, and sizes. Some of the rug designs include geometric rugs, striped rugs, and solid rugs among others. Our recycled plastic outdoor rugs are durable and fully reversible. You’ll get a subtly different look, every time you flip the rug. Moreover, we offer weather-resistant and waterproof outdoor rugs, perfect for busy lifestyles.  

Shop now from our Outdoor Rug Collection and elevate your outdoor oasis with a rug that perfectly fits your space, style, and values.

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