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Psychedelia Grey and White Rug

  • Indoor/Outdoor
    Primary materials: Made from recycled plastic
    Primary colour:Grey
    Secondary colours:White

    About the Design:
    Inspired by the beautiful green foliage of the vast tropical rainforests and the pure rivers winding delicately through their depths, this design emanates with the beauty of a world of rare and exquisite flora and fauna.

  • This is a great eco-friendly indoor / outdoor rug made using premium quality recycled plastic straws. The size is large enough for a small family to relax on. A versatile rug; it can also be used indoors for the kids, pets and to protect the carpet from being spoilt. The rug is soft and lightweight and easy to clean. All of the rugs, besides being soft and lightweight are completely reversible, you can change the look and feel of the rug by simply reversing it.
    Some of the salient features of the rug are : 
    -Lightweight and easy to carry
    -Beautiful vibrant colours
    -Fully recyclable
    -Can be wiped with a wet or dry cloth or simply hosed off
    -Resistant to moisture and mildew