Washable Rugs- A Sustainable Way To Decorate Your Home!

Every room in the house benefits from having a rug. But they can very easily get soiled and ruined. Having a lovely house is easy with washable rugs. Using a washable rug will allow you to clean up things like mud and spilled drinks in your washing machine. There are numerous designs and hues available for washable rugs. Continue reading to discover the advantages of washable rugs and how to pick the best ones for any space in your home.

Washable Rugs are stain-resistant and lightweight and offer numerous advantages:

  • Washable rugs that are suitable for children and pets make it much easier to cope with the unavoidable spills, dirt, stains, and odours of daily life.
  • Machine Washable rugs don't shed or fade when washed, and they maintain their appearance.
  • A large amount of dirt and dust can build up on an area rug over the course of a year. For anyone with allergies, washable rugs are the best option because they can be washed frequently.
  • You don't have to give up beauty for simplicity of maintenance. From classic weaves to contemporary designs, almost any type of area rug can be found with a washable option.

Best Places To Place Washable Rugs!

Almost any room in your house would benefit from having a machine washable indoor rug. They perform particularly well in places like entryways or mudrooms where a lot of dirt is tracked in. Additionally, it only makes sense to use machine washable rugs in areas like dining rooms and kitchens where spills and accidents are likely to occur.

  • A washable rug would look great in the backyard or patio if it is accessible from your den or family room.
  • A machine washable indoor rug can also be used in bathrooms and other places where cleanliness is crucial.
  • A washable rug is necessary in children's bedrooms and areas where pets congregate.
  • A machine washable rug can make maintaining a crisp white or neutral look in a room more attractive.

What Sizes Do We Offer?

Our washable indoor rugs come in several sizes for you to choose from. The sizes are:

  • 2.6' X 8'
  • 4' X 6'
  • 5' X 7'
  • 6' X 9'
  • 6.6' X 10'

To Conclude!

These printed designs offer a textured impression on a soft polyester substrate and were created utilizing the latest cutting-edge rug-making technology.

Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to get the rug that properly suits your space and matches your decor. Our rugs are flat woven without pile using premium recycled polyester making it both eco-friendly and sustainable. These rugs look fantastic in dressing rooms, living rooms, offices, and bedrooms.

Visit the Green Decore US website and browse the amazing collection of Washable Rugs. Shop online today to get the best deals and offers.