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January 29, 2016


Indoor & Outdoor Rugs for Conservatories from Green Decore. Inspiration for bringing the outdoors indoors

Indoor & Outdoor Rugs for conservatories from Green Decore are the perfect choice for brightening up and modernising the space that us Brits use just as much in Winter as we do in the Summer. 

When we're all yearning to get outside and beat those winter blues - but our island's weather systems mean we'd much rather stay indoors - the conservatory is a popular choice. Allowing us to enjoy the comforts of our interior style whilst admiring the view. 

Conservatories have been a common addition to UK homes for decades. In fact in a recent energy survey by Gov.UK  statistics showed that most of us with a conservatory heat them on a daily basis - which illustrates that we do use them; and often. 

Heading to the conservatory to read the newspaper or curl up with a good book, play games with the kids, or simply watch nature unfold in the back garden, can be a great way to feel connected to the outside space that most of us adore - without dealing with the cold and dreary British weather! 

So with that in mind, what better way to enjoy your indoor-outdoor space than with a indoor outdoor rug from Green Decore. Our products are the perfect choice for those who expect high-impact style – with a strong focus on protecting the environment and providing a sustainable and perfect solution to eco friendly home decor. 

Made of recycled polypropylene plastic, Green Decore rugs are great as indoor and outdoor rugs, outdoor mats, kitchen mats, picnic mats, beach mats and recycled rugs- and they are also great as a pet mat

The vibrant colours and beautiful designs make them a popular choice for indoor and outdoor activities - and they are also fade resistant, which makes their stunning designs the perfect solution to all of your practical and hard wearing indoor and outdoor needs. 

Still looking for inspiration for your conservatory? Take a look at this dream home - with no less than a two-storey conservatory! 

Take a look at our design-led rugs today - and feed your fabulousness this Winter! 

December 18, 2015


Looking for Pet Rugs? Green Decore has the perfect solution for your Dog Rug needs...

Green Decore indoor outdoor rugs are the perfect gift for loved dogs and dog lovers alike. Last year Brits spent an amazing £47 million on gifts for their pets - proving that in the UK we really are a nation of pet lovers! And when it comes to dogs; they have always been very dear to us - in fact - they are our best friends - holding a special place in our hearts. 

Green Decore Pet Rug

When searching for pet rugs; and specifically dog mats or dog area rugs, Green Decore can provide you with pet care solutions that make our rugs for dogs the best choice, in terms of both practicality and stylish design. Our plastic indoor outdoor rugs are perfect for the places that your Fido or Fluffy calls their own. 

Does your dog enjoy supper time in a specific place? Are they a bit of a messy eater? Don't worry Green Decore rugs not only look great with their fashion-forward designs - they're also super-easy to clean! So no more dustpan and brush brigade or mopping mayhem following each feeding time! Our easy clean pet rugs mean that you can simply wipe them with a cloth to remove spills. 

Green Decore Rug for Pets

Of course as most dog lovers will know; one of the main problems in caring for your pet is the wet or muddy paw prints! No one can be expected to clean pups feet every time they enter the house, so the perfect solution is to place Green Decore rugs in your entrance and exit areas. This provides an incognito solution to the practicalities of a clean and tidy home when one has pets. The rich colours and on-trend designs will create a warm welcome for guests - and you can care for your dogs needs - without sacrificing your desire for a stylish home.

Green Decore Pet Rug

At Green Decore we understand that your dog and their care is of optimum importance to you, which is one of the reasons that Green Decore rugs for pets are made to last - so they can take some wear and tear! In addition, dogs are such family-loving animals, they probably just want to be with you and yours when they're not outside exploring; but dog hair can be an unsightly problem, especially in social areas such as the living room. Unlike ordinary rugs, pet hairs won't cling to our indoor outdoor rugs; and the vibrant designs mean that your guests will never know that they're made of recycled plastic - the rugs have such a lovely soft texture - and look great. So they're perfect for pets to snooze on; and perfect for your interior design needs. You'll also be doing your bit for the environment by buying products from us - and they're totally pet-safe. 

Green Decore Pet Rug - Easy to roll up and maintain

Take a look at our latest designs - we know you'll love the high-end style - as well as enjoying the top marks in durability and practicality that a Green Decore pet rug can bring to your home! 


March 02, 2015


Green Decore at Spring Fair 2015

We’ve spent this past week recovering from the Spring Fair exhibition – a trade show we attended in order to display our new range of products to an audience of buyers and wholesalers in the UK and European retail industry.  This wasn’t our first exhibition – we attended the Grand Designs Live event last May and the Childcare Expo held in Coventry last September.  However, with so many wholesale buyers in attendance, this was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our new stock and the indoor/outdoor rugs that we started with.

We arrived early to set up our stand (this was in the Hall, Stand 1F22) and quickly got to work setting out all of our fab rugs to show the wide range of colours and designs we have available to suit the green decor of any home.   We’ve already displayed our great eco-friendly indoor/outdoor rugs at other events in the past so we knew exactly how to show them off to our audience.

However, we’ve recently expanded our product range to include three new and exciting products.  Firstly, we’ve added a stylish collection of 100% cotton dhurries/rugs – not only are these eco-friendly, but they come in such a great range of colours and designs that there is something to suit every room in every home.

To add a touch of luxury, we also have a stylish range of silk rugs in the most amazing colours.  These rugs really do have to be seen to be believed – they have the most beautiful sheen and feel so soft and comforting underfoot.

The silk rugs are complemented with a range of benches upholstered in the same silk fabrics.  These are great to use as stools, footrests or an extra seating space.  Teamed with a silk rug in matching fabric, these silk rugs add an air of sophistication wherever they are placed.

The Spring Fair lasted for five days (1 – 5 February) and was the biggest event we’ve attended so far.  Our stall looked great and drew a lot of interest from buyers in a range of fields, from garden centres to interior designers, they all loved our rugs. 

The show was busy every single day so we had great fun meeting new people who were interested in our products.  We also managed to take a little time out to visit other stalls to admire their offerings.  With so many people to meet, so much to see and do, we ended the week feeling pretty exhausted but have had a great time since then reminiscing about our experiences at the Spring Fair.

Our trusty and hard wearing indoor/outdoor rugs are made from recycled plastic and offer an eco-friendly and practical solution whether used indoors or outdoors and help you support a green decor solution.  They are lightweight and easy to clean, water resistant, mould and mildew resistant and dust-mite resistant, so they’re perfect for use around those who have allergies.  They have a wide range of uses in the home and garden – colourful in the conservatory, practical in the kitchen or bathroom and great in the entrance hall in winter time.  In the summer, they can be used in the barbecue area, at the poolside or patio.  For days out, these rugs are light enough to roll up and take with you to use as a picnic rug or beach mat – some people even take them camping to provide a seating area outside the tent.

All in all, the Spring Fair was a brilliant event that we enjoyed so much – we love showcasing our products at exhibitions.  It’s a great way of demonstrating to people just how special our rugs and benches are.  We enjoyed it so much that we’ve made a collage of the photos we took and we’re sharing it here with you.


May 18, 2014


Our Grand Designs Live Experience


We had a great time at Grand Designs Live! We set up our stand (E76 in the Design Arcade) the day before the show opened, and we were very impressed with the sheer size of the Excel Exhibition Centre – it's huge!


We kept our stand design simple, letting the bright colours of our rugs do the talking, and it really did the trick, they looked great! One of the good points about our rugs is that they don't fade in the sun, so they always retain their stunning bright colours


We attended the show for the entire nine days, with an early start and a late finish, it was exhausting but a lot of fun, and of course we all got a little time off to take a look at the rest of the stands and do a little shopping.


The show was busy every day and it seemed to get busier and busier as time went by. We even ran out of leaflets at one point and had to quickly get some more sorted! It was lovely to chat to everyone and we got a good reception. Some people had never heard of the idea of an outdoor rug, so they were coming up with lots of potential uses, from workshops to pool side. I think our 10% off special show offer also brought in some visitors, well everyone loves a bargain don't they?


Thanks to all our customers, past present and future who stopped by to say hello and take a look at our products.


February 28, 2014


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