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Super Summer Rugs

Summer is finally here, the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is out. Lovely! Summer is the perfect season for spending time outdoors, whether it's a day trip to the beach, or time spent making the most of your own outdoor space.


The perfect picnic rug


Eating outside is a lot of fun; perhaps a romantic picnic for two, or a family outing with the kids in tow. Our rugs are perfect for picnics. If the grass is still a little damp from the morning dew, you won't have to cancel your picnic, or eat it cramped up in the car, as our rugs are fully waterproof. The wet won't ruin them, and it won't seep through and make your sandwiches soggy either! They wipe clean easily so any spills can be quickly and easily mopped up.

Outdoor rugs that are easy to clean


Because they are so easy to clean, they are also ideal for the garden. They're great to sit on and great for children to play games on. Even if the kids are running around with muddy shoes, that doesn't matter at all, a quick blast with the garden hose and your rug will look as good as new.


Plastic rugs are so hard-wearing

Our rugs are extra tough, so the kids and pets can enjoy themselves without you worrying that they're going to ruin the rug. Due to their unique composition, these rugs will stand up to far more wear and tear than an ordinary rug. That's why they're so popular in high traffic areas of the home such as entrances and hallways.


Easy beach mats


Taking a rug to the beach can be annoying, sand gets caught up in the fibres, and no matter how hard you shake it, you always seem to take half a beach worth of sand back home with you. However, give one of our outdoor mats a shake and all the sand simply slides off!


Stylish outdoor rugs for any occasion


When you attend an outdoor event, it's good to have a rug that's not only functional, but also reflects your own personal style. We have designs to suit every occasion, and with more designs currently in the making, you're bound to find something you love. For example, our vibrant striped rugs would be great for a festival, and our classy forest floor rug would be perfect for an outdoor classical concert. Our outdoor rugs can be used to liven up any outdoor spaces, from a patio to a summer house. They're available in a range of sizes and they won't fade in the sun either!

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