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Buying a rug for a Nursery?

“Hello, this is Sarah calling from Yorkshire. I am planning to buy a rug from your online store, for a nursery that I am planning for my new baby. I am curious to know about the synthetic material of your rugs –would you suggest your products for a nursery or childcare centers?” – That was an excerpt of one of the numerous phone calls that our customer services section has to answer daily. Let’s share the secret of our thriving online business here. Three out of the ten inquiries that we receive daily are from curious ‘would be moms’ or childcare business owners. Almost 30% of our sales revenue comes from this segment and they are the ones who happily recommend our products to their friends and help us keep growing…psst,! Please don’t share that secret with our!!

Before designing a nursery, have a look at the nature around you. Birds are the master crafters, when it comes to designing a ‘nursery’ for their young ones and some of the principles on which birds design their nests serve as good ideas for us humans. So what are the points that need to be considered, before buying a Nursery Rug?



Easy to maintain:

Have you seen how birds clean their nests? They simply throw the dirty grass straws out of their nests! Well, we can see you smiling…but we won’t suggest you to dispose the nursery rugs, once dirty. The point here is that the rug, when used in a nursery or a childcare centre, is going to get dirtier more often than usual. Polypropylene rugs are made from non-absorbent recycled olefin filaments that won’t deteriorate even after several washing cycles and they dry faster than organic material like wool etc. We suggest dipping the rugs in a solution of water mixed with 5% antiseptic disinfectant like Dettol thus making it sterile.


Dust mite resistant:

Polypropylene Rugs are tightly woven by machines. Although soft, they do not have loose fluffy fibres that are ideal for hiding and breeding spaces for dust mites and other microbes. Now, even if they manage to cling on the surface of synthetic nursery rugs, they can be easily sucked out by a vacuum cleaner. However, it is necessary to assert the fact that dust mites are rogue microbes and usually demand an extra cleaning effort.
Readers aspiring to venture into the thriving European childcare industry and existing childcare facility owners need to take into account the above two aspects before buying rugs for their businesses.
On the lighter note - what do the birds do to prevent their offspring from microorganisms? – Well, nature might have given them an inborn resistance against many such things? Isn’t it?

Light weight and stain resistant:

We all understand that maintaining hygienic conditions in a nursery or a childcare facility is of utmost importance. However, handling, cleaning and drying bulky rugs is a messy and tedious job. Moreover, washing and cleaning of natural fibre rugs often requires the owner to hire the services of professional carpet cleaning agency. This is an additional expense for childcare businesses as well as families.

It is said that “necessity is the mother of Invention” and this applies perfectly to polypropylene nursery rugs. They were invented keeping in mind the hectic schedules of working couples and the cost of maintenance and replacement. These products have gained wide acceptance owing to the fact that they are light weight and virtually stain free.

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