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Buying Indoor/Outdoor rugs online

One of my most desired go-to products, Green Decore, has a fabulous collection of indoor outdoor rugs, online. Durable and beautiful, their rugs are at all times in tune with the latest fads! Over a period, I have been obsessed with the gamut of designs and colors of their rugs, that have helped me giving an amazing “face lift” to my home décor spaces.

I have been using these rugs in mudroom, living rooms and also in the porch and under the patios. Cleaning stubborn stains has never been a problem for me and I clean these rugs with a 3:1 combination of bleach and water. Being light weight, polypropylene rugs are easy to handle, hose off and they dry within a few hours.

My guests and family alike have been appreciative ever since I have mastered the art of juggling with casual rugs and traditional rug. I just keep surprising them with an addition every now and then, as these rugs are inexpensive and delivered at my doorstep. Green Décore is a London based company that delivers their products anywhere in UK. They charge negligible shipping cost if you are staying elsewhere in Europe, though!

A natural fibre carpet serves little purpose in a house like mine, which has a bunch of noisy and naughty kids whose favorite pass time activity has always been spilling things around. I just can’t imagine of cleaning a natural fibre carpet ten times in a week. Having said that, elders are no better – spilling coffee and wine on indoor and outdoor rugs is a common thing in most homes, like mine!

Polypropylene rugs are UV treated and “mommies” around the world have found a good alternative to replace the woolen fibre rugs in their nurseries. Baby skin is tender and no matter how thoroughly you clean the woolen blankets, there is always a threat of dust mite and parasite traces in organic material. This can be quite harmful to your toddler’s skin and overall health! You can wipe your polypropylene rug as and when it is soiled – can you afford doing that with your woolen rug?

Polypropylene rugs are reversible and that gives them a good edge over traditional natural fibre carpets. If you ever notice the one of the sides getting worn out – just flip over and get to see that brand new rug again! Also, these rugs have protected the vinyl flooring in my living room. I have been using the smaller sizes of rugs that I purchased online on the Home Decore website. I would advise not to machine wash or tumble dry polypropylene rugs, instead hose off and dry them.

It was great to share my experience here and I am sure this will help you make up your mind on buying rugs online. Click here to go to Green Decore website and revamp your homes with style and class. Thanks for being here and have a good time!

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James Gove
James Gove

June 05, 2014

Great topic! Thanks for sharing this. Also you can look for to know more about rugs.

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