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Eco Friendly Indoor Rugs

No one can beat the knowledge of a homemaker, when it comes to selecting perfect indoor rugs for her home. She is the master who knows her home areas like the back of her palm! – She knows best where the kids are at “work” and also where her pets like to wriggle the most. As a prudent homemaker, she knows well that a set of world class furniture might look ugly, if not complemented with a contemporary rug underneath it.

You see, knowing too much can be bad at times, and this is why most people find themselves on the crossroads when it comes to selecting perfect area rugs for their homes. It is a dream of every homemaker to have a “fabulous rug” in each of the rooms, however, her dream is governed by quite a few factors like the rug material, weight, cleaning method, aptness for different rooms, and of course her spending budget.

Our past generations had no choice of rug material, as the only material from which rugs were made was natural fibres. Remember your mom yelling “You spilled that porridge again – will you ever understand what it takes to clean a kitchen rug??!!! – Yes natural fibre rugs are heavy, difficult to clean and the fibers start coming off after some time. They are expensive and most of us know what they look like after a hairy canine rolls on it!! Thanks to advancements in polymer recycling technology which birthed a new generation of eco-friendly rugs that are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

You may often have heard the words “recycled polypropylene rugs” and chances are that you might have shrugged it off as not being earth friendly. However, these environment friendly rugs are made by recycling the plastic waste that would otherwise have been dumped into the ecosystem! So remember, when you buy a polypropylene recycled rug, you are indirectly saving the earth from destruction.

Keep visiting this blog for more information on indoor and outdoor rugs and to get new ideas on how to spruce up your living areas with this new breed of area rugs!

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