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June 18, 2016



If you want to add the Wow Factor to your outdoor spaces, then why not consider investing in an outdoor rug or two? Just as indoor rugs add color and style to your living spaces inside the house, outdoor area rugs can have a huge transformative effect on your outdoor spaces – lawns, barbecue areas, patios and decks. Our outdoor rugs are totally durable, designed to last and withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions like rain, hail, strong sunlight, mud and even snow...   The outdoor rugs are water/mold-resistant and easy to clean, offering both style and practicality.  They come in a wide range of sizes, colors and designs and are fully reversible, offering two looks for the price of one.

Green Decore Pink Outdoor Rug

Stunning Style

Our outdoor carpets come in a variety of colors and designs so there’s something to suit every taste and space.  The broad range of designs means that you can choose just the right rug to suit your garden style.  If you want to brighten up a shabby patio, cover a patchy lawn or add style to your decking, then getting an outdoor rug is an easy and cost-effective solution. Adding an outdoor rug will transform your outdoor spaces without the need for costly renovations.

You’ll be surprised at how you and your family will be looking forward to spending more time outside once you’ve added that extra touch of style to your garden or patio. Most homeowners who add a garden rug tend to start spending much more time outdoors. Adding an outdoor rug means that your backyard or garden will soon become your favorite spot to relax and spend time with your family, eating, drinking, chatting and chilling out in the fresh air.

Classy Comfort

Adding outdoor rugs will make it more comfortable to walk barefoot outside in the garden or on the patio.  While the ground is usually too cold or too warm to step on, the addition of a mat means that the ground will be comfortable to step on without shoes. An outdoor rug will also add comfort for your pets - they can walk or rest on the ground without having to suffer extreme hot or cold temperatures.

If you have children, an outdoor rug will provide a safer and more relaxing environment for them to play in. Children love to play outside and most of the time they will sit on the ground, whether it’s grass or paving slabs.  Giving them a Picnic Rug to sit on  will keep them clean and dry as they have fun playing – no more damp clothes from sitting on the damp grass!  An outdoor rug also provides a little padding and reduces the chance of kids getting bruised or grazed if they fall over while they play.

Protects Flooring

Outdoor rugs will protect your flooring material from damage making it last longer.  Most flooring materials suffer wear and tear as they are stepped on and exposed to harsh weather conditions. Once the flooring wears out, you’ll be faced with the prospect of spending a lot of money on repairs and replacement. High-quality, durable outdoor rugs will help keep the floor in good condition for many years to come.

Due Diligence

When you’re choosing outdoor rugs make sure that you choose designs that match your décor.  Look for the most durable rugs with closely woven edges and heavy duty binding tape stitched onto the ends which will prevent them from fraying and unravelling.  Don’t forget that you’ll need to maintain your outdoor rugs properly to ensure that they last as long as possible. Most outdoor rugs  are made from materials that are simple to clean which means that you can easily hose them off yourself, adding a little detergent if necessary.


Make sure you do your research properly and find out which type of material would be most durable, taking into account where you will be using the outdoor rugs and the type of use you expect them to have.  Consider what sort of activities you and your family take part in when you’re spending time outdoors.  When the rugs are not being used outdoors (in winter perhaps), they’re ideal to use in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and hallways.  They’ll add an extra level of protection to carpets and other types of floor covering which enhances their usability and gives you more value for money.

June 04, 2016


The Best Summer Spend

The Best Summer Spend:

Outdoor Rugs from Green Decore

  As summer approaches we are looking for more and more ways to improve our gardens and patios, making them the perfect place for BBQ’s, fun with the family, garden parties and lazy weekend sunbathing. No matter what size of garden you have, you can easily improve upon it with some very simple and affordable accessories.


  Our outdoor plastic range is the perfect summer spend this year as you will be using it year round, in all types of weather, indoors and outdoors and on trips out. Being waterproof, the rugs, cushions and poufs are completely suitable for use outside. Family picnics, sunbathing on the beach or simply relaxing in your garden are all made more comfortable and easier with an outdoor rug. Not only are they waterproof, by mildew resistant, meaning you can leave them out come rain or shine and they won’t be ruined by mold. This is handy for uses in the home too, bathrooms, conservatories and shed floors can be made more attractive without water damage being an issue.

Outdoor Rugs from Green DecoreOutdoor Aqua Blue Rug from Green Decore

Picnic Rugs from Green Decore

  There’s a huge range of beautiful, exotic styles to choose from with designs inspired by the Far East. Our rugs, cushions and poufs can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate tranquil theme or make a statement with our bolder colours and geometric patterns. But you don’t need to worry about leaving them in direct light, our full plastic range is UV ray protected, so our bright designs will stay bright.

 Rugs for conservatories from Green Decore

Beautiful rugs in orange , beige , brown and black colors

The very best feature of course is that our plastic range is created from recycled plastic. Made in India the material, that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, is cleaned and repurposed for you to enjoy in your home, garden, on holiday and with the family.

 Coral Orange Rug        Cushions and chevron blue rug    

Pink rug for decking from Green DecoreOutdoor yellow, pink and black cushions / pillows from Green Decore

December 16, 2015


Pet Rugs? Green Decore have the perfect rug for your cat...

When searching for pet rugs; and specifically cat mats or cat area rugs, the options available can be a little uninspiring. Green Decore can provide you with pet care solutions that make our rugs for cats the best choice, in terms of both practicality and stylish design. 

Our plastic indoor outdoor rugs are perfect for the places that your furbaby calls their own. And if you have a cat, you'll know that they only allow you to live in the same space as them: they think it's 'their' house!

Green Decore Rug 2


Perhaps your cat eats in the kitchen; and with a Green Decore rug your heart-of-the-home will look great - and kitty can tuck in to their favourite treats - without you having to constantly clean up bits of food and mop the floor after they've finished eating. Our easy clean pet rugs mean that you can simply wipe them with a cloth to remove food and water spills. 

Green Decore Cat Rug

Our range of pet rugs and cat area rugs are also good to put under a litter tray, to catch any stray material and any little accidents! The texture of the rug actually helps to remove litter from paws as the cats walk over it, saving you from the embarrassment of it being spread around your home! 

You don't need to be a cat detective to know when kitty has been out and about - just look for the wet or muddy footprints! It's impossible to clean your pet's feet every time they enter the house, so the perfect solution is to place Green Decore rugs in your entrance halls. The rich colours and on-trend designs will create a warm welcome for guests - whilst providing an incognito solution to the practicalities of keeping a clean and tidy home when you have pets. At Green Decore we understand that your cat and their care is of optimum importance to you. 

Green Decore Rug for Pets

And no need to worry about kitty scratching at the pet rug  - you'll find cats just aren't very interested in sharpening their claws on these rugs - but don't worry they're made to last - so they can take some wear and tear! 

Maybe your cat sleeps in the warmest areas of the house; cat owners know that kitty loves a place that's cosy - but cat hair can be an unsightly problem. Unlike ordinary rugs, pet hairs won't cling to our indoor outdoor rugs; and although they're made of recycled plastic - the rugs have a lovely soft texture, perfect for pets to snooze on. You'll also be doing your bit for the environment by buying products from us - and they're totally pet-safe. 

Take a look at our latest designs - we know you'll love the high-end style - as well as enjoying the top marks in durability and practicality that a Green Decore pet rug can bring to your home! 

 Green Decore Coral Rug



July 19, 2014

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How do you use your Green Decore rug?

We know you love our rugs, you love the designs, the vibrant colours and the quality, but we think the most important aspect of our products is that they are so versatile. We've been asking some of our customers just how they use their rugs, and they've come up with some uses even we have never thought of! Here is a selection of comments we've collected, perhaps it will inspire you with new ways to use your rug!


“ We have our rug in our kitchen, I was sick of replacing ordinary rugs when they just got too dirty, but with a slippery wood floor, we have no option but to have a rug for safety. With a busy household it's impossible to prevent spills, and as an avid, but messy cook, this was the perfect solution. Spills wipe off easily, and every once in a while I'll take it outside and give it a good blast with the hosepipe, it's as good as new then. It's saved me money as it will last a very long time, and it looks good too.”


“ I bought two rugs, one is just for the kids and gets used all the time, it gets spread over the dining table when they are painting, with water based paints we can wipe it clean. They also play on it in the garden, if the grass is damp they don't get wet. The other rug we keep in the car. We're often out and about and we always take a picnic. With three kids eating out is expensive, so picnicking is fun and cheap! The large sized rug is big enough for us all to sit on comfortably and it's not heavy so it's easy to carry to a picnic site.”

“Our rug is in the conservatory. The Moroccan design of the Nirvana rug suits the style of the room, but we primarily bought it as it doesn't fade in the sun. Our last rug started out looking great, but the conservatory gets a lot of sun and it was soon discoloured where the sun hit it most.”

“ My rug was a present, at first I thought it was a weird gift but it's proved to be very useful. I'm a keen fisherman you see, and it's great for laying out all my gear by the riverside without it getting wet from the dew in the morning. “


April 29, 2014


Weird and Wacky Days Out

It's great to go for days out with the family when the weather is nice, but it can be hard to come up with ideas of where to go. We've put together some suggestions that are a little out of the ordinary, to give the kids (and you!) a real surprise.

The Forbidden Corner – Leyburn, North Yorkshire


Billed as The Strangest Place in the World, and it certainly is. This magical wonderland has something odd, intriguing, puzzling and magical around every corner. Kids love it, but even as a grown up, this is one of my favourite places to visit. Entrance is limited so you need to book in advance, but this means it never gets too crowded.

The Puzzling Place – Keswick, Lake District


If you love optical illusions, you'll love The Puzzling Place. An attraction filled with illusions, many of which you can actually walk into and become part of the illusion. There's also a gallery of holograms. The Puzzling Place has something for everyone. While it perhaps won't take you a whole day to view, you could team up your visit with a trip to another odd attraction, the nearby Pencil Museum where you can see the world's largest pencil!

Abbey Pumping Station – Leicester


Bizarre, yet educational, the Abbey Pumping Station takes you on a voyage of sewage, from the toilet to the sewage works. There's also an exhibit of toilets through history! It's bound to raise a giggle with the kids, but they'll also learn something.

House of Marbles – Bovey Tracey, Devon


The House of Marbles is a museum dedicated to, you've guessed it, marbles! There are exhibits of old and rare marbles, and you can see the world's largest marble run. There are interactive exhibits, a games room and you'll also have the opportunity to watch glass blowing. Don't forget to pick up some marbles to take home from the gift shop too!

So, have our suggestions sparked your imagination? Wherever you go this summer, don't forget to take a picnic and your Green Decore outdoor rug to sit on!  

April 28, 2014


Super Summer Rugs

Summer is finally here, the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is out. Lovely! Summer is the perfect season for spending time outdoors, whether it's a day trip to the beach, or time spent making the most of your own outdoor space.


The perfect picnic rug


Eating outside is a lot of fun; perhaps a romantic picnic for two, or a family outing with the kids in tow. Our rugs are perfect for picnics. If the grass is still a little damp from the morning dew, you won't have to cancel your picnic, or eat it cramped up in the car, as our rugs are fully waterproof. The wet won't ruin them, and it won't seep through and make your sandwiches soggy either! They wipe clean easily so any spills can be quickly and easily mopped up.

Outdoor rugs that are easy to clean


Because they are so easy to clean, they are also ideal for the garden. They're great to sit on and great for children to play games on. Even if the kids are running around with muddy shoes, that doesn't matter at all, a quick blast with the garden hose and your rug will look as good as new.


Plastic rugs are so hard-wearing

Our rugs are extra tough, so the kids and pets can enjoy themselves without you worrying that they're going to ruin the rug. Due to their unique composition, these rugs will stand up to far more wear and tear than an ordinary rug. That's why they're so popular in high traffic areas of the home such as entrances and hallways.


Easy beach mats


Taking a rug to the beach can be annoying, sand gets caught up in the fibres, and no matter how hard you shake it, you always seem to take half a beach worth of sand back home with you. However, give one of our outdoor mats a shake and all the sand simply slides off!


Stylish outdoor rugs for any occasion


When you attend an outdoor event, it's good to have a rug that's not only functional, but also reflects your own personal style. We have designs to suit every occasion, and with more designs currently in the making, you're bound to find something you love. For example, our vibrant striped rugs would be great for a festival, and our classy forest floor rug would be perfect for an outdoor classical concert. Our outdoor rugs can be used to liven up any outdoor spaces, from a patio to a summer house. They're available in a range of sizes and they won't fade in the sun either!

March 15, 2014


Kitchen Area Rugs: Things You Never Thought Of!

A great kitchen with a fabulous ambiance is every homemaker’s delight. Kitchen spaces created with great concepts go a long way in increasing the efficiency of homemakers, be it in any part of the world. As a homemaker, I really dread working in a dull looking and theme less kitchen,congested with a lot of things. I am sure, most people reading this would agree with the fact that good cooking requires its occupant to be in a good frame of mind and the setting and ambiance of their kitchens have evident effects on their culinary outputs!

Green Decore Kitchen RugGreen Decore Kitchen RugGreen Decore Kitchen Rug

When it comes to designing kitchens, most of us ponder a lot on selecting great furniture, latest appliances and gadgets. However, we often tend to underestimate the importance of great kitchen rugs while decorating the very space where we spend almost 40% of our time every day! In fact, I would say, one should think of buying a good washable kitchen rug before buying anything else. Fabulous kitchen rugs play an important role in any kitchen, whether big or small. All it needs is some innovative thinking on the part of the homemaker. Let me share some experiences and a few ideas here.


Classy tiles, hardwood and several flooring options bring elegance but working long hours on such hard substrates leaves you with awfully aching feet at the end of the day – isn't it? That’s when you wish you had a fluffy carpet in the kitchen. However, natural fibre carpet that soaks up water may not be the rightest choice for kitchen spaces. Green Decore polypropylene plastic rugs have many plus points here:

  • The hollow filaments of this rug provide soothing cushioning effect to feet
  • Plastic Rugs are bad conductors of thermal energy; so when it is cold outside, the rug feels warmer and vice versa.
  • This is a light weight rug which rolls up easily and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner within half the time needed by the carpets in my other rooms and I have the liberty to wash it with my regular household detergent.
  • Polypropylene rugs are absolutely stain resistant and hence perfectly suitable for my kitchen.
  • And here’s a point you never thought of – Plastics are also bad conductors of electricity, so you have a greater safety while working with the electrical appliances in your kitchen.


    There is always a scope to do something better in any kitchen, no matter, whether big or small. Your innovative ideas will help you creating spaces and atmosphere within your kitchen. How about creating a dining atmosphere in one of the corners? For this, place a striped rug in the lesser congested corner of your kitchen and then have all your dining table, chairs and delicate but rarely used crockery shifted there. This helps de-congesting some parts of your kitchen and will add a few stars to it, as well!
    Mothers with toddlers have to walk a tight rope walk every day! Pinning down a toddler in one place is something that Napoleon would admit as being “impossible”!!…place them in the cradle and they’ll start crying…leave them on the Dining table and they’ll keep crawling towards the edges…leave them on the floor and they keep licking dirty hands all the time…So what do you do? The answer is simple – use polypropylene rugs. Nowadays, there are plenty of kid’s rugs or children rugs available on the market. They come with funky eye catchy designs that your toddler will love to keep gazing at for hours. Moreover, you can hose and clean them dry almost every day, so no worries of infections. These rugs are soft and your baby will love playing on them.


    Adding Colours to Your Life:

    Managing a home is perhaps much difficult than managing a business. However, a homemaker’s job is one of the most monotonous jobs on the Earth. Imagine how boring it must be to enter the same old kitchen with the same old things and in the same old places? I bet 8 out of 10 readers reading this blog will admit that they do experience monotony in their kitchens.  Beautiful kitchen rugs can play a small but vital role in breaking the monotonous looks of your kitchen. There are a lot of web portals selling cheap rugs online, try buying one online or visit any of the exclusive rug shops or wholesalers and you’ll get to buy quite a few of them in your limited budget. Now keep shuffling between this set of rugs every few days and also keep changing their location. These colorful rugs will then do their job of adding lots of color to your kitchen and your life, as well!

    Green Decore Kitchen RugGreen Decore Kitchen RugGreen Decore Kitchen Rug

    I am sure you enjoyed reading my experience and ideas of using synthetic rugs more effectively at home. Do keep returning to my blog every now and then and I’ll be more than happy to share my new concepts on home décor each time you return here!

    March 12, 2014


    Buying a rug for a Nursery?

    “Hello, this is Sarah calling from Yorkshire. I am planning to buy a rug from your online store, for a nursery that I am planning for my new baby. I am curious to know about the synthetic material of your rugs –would you suggest your products for a nursery or childcare centers?” – That was an excerpt of one of the numerous phone calls that our customer services section has to answer daily. Let’s share the secret of our thriving online business here. Three out of the ten inquiries that we receive daily are from curious ‘would be moms’ or childcare business owners. Almost 30% of our sales revenue comes from this segment and they are the ones who happily recommend our products to their friends and help us keep growing…psst,! Please don’t share that secret with our comp...rs!!

    Before designing a nursery, have a look at the nature around you. Birds are the master crafters, when it comes to designing a ‘nursery’ for their young ones and some of the principles on which birds design their nests serve as good ideas for us humans. So what are the points that need to be considered, before buying a Nursery Rug?



    Easy to maintain:

    Have you seen how birds clean their nests? They simply throw the dirty grass straws out of their nests! Well, we can see you smiling…but we won’t suggest you to dispose the nursery rugs, once dirty. The point here is that the rug, when used in a nursery or a childcare centre, is going to get dirtier more often than usual. Polypropylene rugs are made from non-absorbent recycled olefin filaments that won’t deteriorate even after several washing cycles and they dry faster than organic material like wool etc. We suggest dipping the rugs in a solution of water mixed with 5% antiseptic disinfectant like Dettol thus making it sterile.


    Dust mite resistant:

    Polypropylene Rugs are tightly woven by machines. Although soft, they do not have loose fluffy fibres that are ideal for hiding and breeding spaces for dust mites and other microbes. Now, even if they manage to cling on the surface of synthetic nursery rugs, they can be easily sucked out by a vacuum cleaner. However, it is necessary to assert the fact that dust mites are rogue microbes and usually demand an extra cleaning effort.
    Readers aspiring to venture into the thriving European childcare industry and existing childcare facility owners need to take into account the above two aspects before buying rugs for their businesses.
    On the lighter note - what do the birds do to prevent their offspring from microorganisms? – Well, nature might have given them an inborn resistance against many such things? Isn’t it?

    Light weight and stain resistant:

    We all understand that maintaining hygienic conditions in a nursery or a childcare facility is of utmost importance. However, handling, cleaning and drying bulky rugs is a messy and tedious job. Moreover, washing and cleaning of natural fibre rugs often requires the owner to hire the services of professional carpet cleaning agency. This is an additional expense for childcare businesses as well as families.

    It is said that “necessity is the mother of Invention” and this applies perfectly to polypropylene nursery rugs. They were invented keeping in mind the hectic schedules of working couples and the cost of maintenance and replacement. These products have gained wide acceptance owing to the fact that they are light weight and virtually stain free.

    March 05, 2014


    Rugrats and Rugs



    Child care centres have become big business here in the UK over the past 20 years.  With so many young mothers needing to return to work after maternity leave in order to provide a good standard of living, childcare facilities have been popping up in villages, towns and cities all over the land.  This means that we now have more people than ever in the UK working as childcare professionals and this is reflected in the fact that the childcare industry now organises its own annual exhibitions, namely the Childcare Expo.  This year’s Childcare Expo will take place in both London and the Midlands, with the London event taking place on 28thand 29th March, 2014.


    This is an opportunity for childcare professionals to attend a free event where they can catch up on industry trends and stay ahead of the game when it comes to ensuring that they are both passionate and knowledgeable about the work that they do.  The Expo is a great place to network with other childcare professionals, creating links within the industry in order to share ideas, news and best practice.


    The Expo is also where exhibitors will launch new products and showcase products and services designed to supply our childcare facilities in the UK with the very best that the world has to offer.  Here at Green Decore, we’re looking forward to this event with excitement.  We have booked an exhibition space in order to let childcare professionals know about the innovative floor coverings and rugs that we offer that are particularly suitable for childcare centres.



    Our rugs are bright, colourful and very child-friendly.  They are fully washable (and reversible for in between washes).  These rugs are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and are particularly useful for areas that are apt to get wet or muddy.  Our fab collection of rugs are not only stain-resistant (invaluable in a childcare setting), but they are mould- and mildew-resistant too.  This offers a standard of hygiene that is necessary in childcare facilities in order to protect the health and well-being of the little ones who live, play and eat in these nurseries.

    Besides being easily washable, all of our rugs are lightweight and fold easily – they are especially suitable for high-traffic areas where their robust qualities will ensure that they last and look good at all times.



    All of our rugs are made from recycled polypropylene (sourced from recycled plastic bottles) and come with an eco-friendly guarantee.  Our company is dedicated to sustainable growth and protecting the environment and what better way to do so than by offering products that are made from recycled waste materials that would otherwise go to landfill.  This allows buyers to reduce their own carbon footprint in a stylish and colourful manner.  The innovative weaving process that is used in the manufacture of our rugs means that our products are strong and durable and represent a great return on investment (ROI).

    If you’re attending this year’s Childcare Expo in London, please come along and visit our rug exhibition.  We’ll be happy to demonstrate the excellent qualities of our rugs and answer any questions you may have about our products.  We look forward to seeing you at the Childcare Expo at Olympia in London on March 28th and 29th, 2014.

    March 05, 2014

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    Buying Indoor/Outdoor rugs online

    One of my most desired go-to products, Green Decore, has a fabulous collection of indoor outdoor rugs, online. Durable and beautiful, their rugs are at all times in tune with the latest fads! Over a period, I have been obsessed with the gamut of designs and colors of their rugs, that have helped me giving an amazing “face lift” to my home décor spaces.

    I have been using these rugs in mudroom, living rooms and also in the porch and under the patios. Cleaning stubborn stains has never been a problem for me and I clean these rugs with a 3:1 combination of bleach and water. Being light weight, polypropylene rugs are easy to handle, hose off and they dry within a few hours.

    My guests and family alike have been appreciative ever since I have mastered the art of juggling with casual rugs and traditional rug. I just keep surprising them with an addition every now and then, as these rugs are inexpensive and delivered at my doorstep. Green Décore is a London based company that delivers their products anywhere in UK. They charge negligible shipping cost if you are staying elsewhere in Europe, though!

    A natural fibre carpet serves little purpose in a house like mine, which has a bunch of noisy and naughty kids whose favorite pass time activity has always been spilling things around. I just can’t imagine of cleaning a natural fibre carpet ten times in a week. Having said that, elders are no better – spilling coffee and wine on indoor and outdoor rugs is a common thing in most homes, like mine!

    Polypropylene rugs are UV treated and “mommies” around the world have found a good alternative to replace the woolen fibre rugs in their nurseries. Baby skin is tender and no matter how thoroughly you clean the woolen blankets, there is always a threat of dust mite and parasite traces in organic material. This can be quite harmful to your toddler’s skin and overall health! You can wipe your polypropylene rug as and when it is soiled – can you afford doing that with your woolen rug?

    Polypropylene rugs are reversible and that gives them a good edge over traditional natural fibre carpets. If you ever notice the one of the sides getting worn out – just flip over and get to see that brand new rug again! Also, these rugs have protected the vinyl flooring in my living room. I have been using the smaller sizes of rugs that I purchased online on the Home Decore website. I would advise not to machine wash or tumble dry polypropylene rugs, instead hose off and dry them.

    It was great to share my experience here and I am sure this will help you make up your mind on buying rugs online. Click here to go to Green Decore website and revamp your homes with style and class. Thanks for being here and have a good time!