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March 04, 2014


Select the finest beach mat

If you’re planning a freak out break on a stunning beach, then a perfect beach mat ought to be the most important accessory of all your beach day essentials. A fine beach mat is akin a good companion, when you are in a mood of relaxing or soaking up the sun while on the beach. If you dread the idea of the beach sand sneaking inside your clothes or sticking onto your skin and hair – then make it a point to wisely buy the finest of beach mats on the market! – Find this mindboggling? Read on and we’ll walk you through the process of selecting your right “companion”!

Beach Mat material:

The first step is to think of the right kind of material. Most beach lovers love the feel of a beach towel but hate the idea of getting that damp feeling when relaxing by the sea. A big problem with beach towels is that they just keep on wriggling along with you, collect sand and keep increasing in weight – now, that’s an irritating experience, isn’t it? So opt for recycled polypropylene mats that will give you a soft and mushy feeling like a Turkish beach towel and what’s more – a polypropylene mat won’t wriggle around, gather the beach sand and bother you like beach towel. When you buy a recycled product, you indirectly help in saving the ecology and Mother Nature! One great advantage is that polypropylene is a ‘polymer’ and insects and microorganisms won’t attack it – say bye-bye to foul smell!

Beach Mat weave:

Take time to select the right density of weave as this will ensure that the sand particles stay out and the resist sand particles from accumulating inside the mat body. The right density of weave also helps in resisting the sand heat and ensures you enjoy a cool relaxing experience on the beach.

Beach Mat design and color:

Your beach mat speaks of who you are? So buy a mat design and color that makes you stand out of the crowd; however prudent buyers should be able to distinguish between a beach mat and a home mat – all it needs is proper discretion and a little application of thought. So, buy the one which matches your persona and watch those heads turning when you are relaxing on the beach. Avoid buying dark color beach mats, especially black and blue as these colors absorb tend to heat up under direct sunlight and may be a major cause of discomfort!

Where to buy beach mats:

The best way to buy the right beach mat is to do a quick research on the net and decide the best suitable for your needs. You can then hit the market with backed with a good level of confidence, before you select the right one. Remember, getting prepared with the right kind of beach day essentials and above all, a right kind of beach mat are important, when you are planning a day off on the beach.