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Why Lanterns & Candle Holders

Outdoor lanterns and candle holders have many uses, and many ways to be set up. There are, of course, permanent installations but outdoor lighting can often be needed where permanent installations or even electrical outlets are not available. Battery power can be essential for camping or emergency situations. Solar charged lights or solar generators for charging standard batteries can be a real help for areas out of reach of standard power or for emergency situations. Handheld battery-operated torches or table lanterns are also excellent outdoor equipment, as well as seasonal outdoor display lights.

The ideal combination of sustainability and style, this solar powered lamp will bring your garden to life with a warm luminescent glow.

With groovy structures, textures and subtle colors, such candle holders are best as highlights on the patio table.

With a nostalgic traditional frame reminiscent of the 19th century, this ornate night lamp can be used to add an extra dimension of classical elegance and interest to your garden.

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