We started the new decade full of hope back in January – who could have known that life as we know it would change so dramatically with the onset of the Corona Virus? 

We’ve seen millions of people across the globe unable to work as businesses both large and small have had to shut down.  Schools are beginning to reopen in many countries after an unprecedented shutdown earlier this year.  Despite all the different measures we’ve already taken to combat the coronavirus, many nations are now facing the prospect of a second lockdown as this infection rampages its way around the world. 

Covid19 has swept across our planet, interrupting our normal way of life. 
New Rules

As we strive to get back to our normal lifestyles, we’re all having to adapt to the new precautions necessary to minimise the risk of Covid 19 until a vaccine is developed and becomes widely available.  This has led to so many of us having to increase the hygiene levels – in our homes, in our work environments and whenever we leave the house.  We’re having to swiftly adapt to new ways of doing things to make sure that we’re doing all we can to keep ourselves safe from harm.  Now, with a new lockdown looming, we need to ensure that we can keep Covid at bay.

Be Prepared
Keep Germs at Bay

If you’ve been wondering if your hygiene plan is stringent enough, you’ll know that one of the biggest risks is bringing the virus home with you with each trip outside the house.  Gone are the days when you could just walk in, shedding outdoor shoes and clothing along the way.  Nowadays we need to make sure that germs are not being brought in on our shoes, bags and outdoor clothing.  The best way to do so is to dump all the outdoor gear as soon as you get home.  Taking off all your outdoor stuff as soon as you arrive means that you can leave it in the entrance or just inside the front door.

Keep Covid Out of your Home

If you add one of our Outdoor Rugs to your entryway, all your outdoor clothing can be left on it and the rug itself can be washed, disinfected and hosed down on a regular basis.  This will help to add an extra level of hygiene to your home without causing you too much hassle. 

These rugs are water-resistant and mould-resistant, meaning they can be washed frequently enough to provide extra protection where you need it the most – at your front door!  There are several ways to clean these rugs:

  • Wipe it over with a damp cloth and some anti-bacterial cleaner spray
  • Put it in the bath or shower and give it a good wash down (adding disinfectant to the water will help kill germs)
  • Take it outside and give it a good soak with the hosepipe.

Once you’ve washed your rug, it can be propped in the bath or shower to dry – or you could hang it out on the washing line.  These rugs are made from recycled plastics, so they don’t absorb the water – it’s just a matter of waiting an hour (or less) and it will be dry and ready to pop back into place.

There’s a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, so you can opt for something that suits your home décor style. 

Easy to Clean

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  • October 12, 2020


    These are some good tips! I have been looking for an outside rug that is heavy duty and easy to clean as well. I will definitely check out the rugs.

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